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Monday, July 14, 2008

my little tote bags

These are some of my latest "little projects". I've found that I enjoy making tote bags. They're cute and not only are they reusable, they're washable! I designed and made a larger tote bag, one that can used for shopping or for toting your knitting and quilting projects.

my very own tote bag design

This is my very first tote bag- designed it myself!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

my 1st Charm Quilt

the pattern for this quilt is from Quilt Woman, it's from the Straight to the Point series/collection of patterns. Here you see my before and after photo's of cutting the quilt top into 3 sections (all directions are given in the pattern instructions). You cut apart the quilt, rearrange the sections and sew them back together making it look as if you labored and made it all on point- talk about seriously cool! Now for me to get the 2 borders sew on, the binding made and the entire thing quilted.